Hello people! It’s Sit Back Sunday time! I missed the last edition and I apologise for that. Today we are taking a medical turn as we discuss mercy killing or what is technically refered to as euthanasia. This term describes the act of intentionally allowing someone to die in a swift and painless way in order to relieve the person of excessive pain and or an incurable disease. 

This issue of euthanasia is widely controversial. There are some who advocate for it mainly because they feel that the patient is already dying therefore euthanasia serves as a way to let them die peacefully. Others also argue that no one has the right to end someone’s life therefore regardless of the situation, the patient will have to wait for death even if it takes forever to come knocking.

Now, imagine someone dear to you (parent, sibling, spouse, etc) was suffering from an incurable ailment, barely existing because all they can hope for is death. Imagine that you are the emergency contact or next of kin therefore you are in charge of  calling the shots concerning their medical decisions. You constantly see this loved one in pain and anguish wishing they were dead. It breaks your heart to see them that way but there is nothing you can do but wait for them to pass away. Imagine the doctor informs you of the euthanasia option, assuring you that it will be swift and peaceful, relieving this loved one of their suffering. 

At the other end of the spectrum, imagine you were the patient.

The question is, would you go down the mercy killing path? Would you opt to end the life of the suffering loved one as an act of mercy killing? If you were the patient, would you choose to end your own life in a painless and swift manner? Do you have any experiences to share? 

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