You should have seen this coming. I did it for mum so ofcourse I had to do it for dad too. Now you should know that my dad will probably not like the fact that I posted his picture online because he is extremely private. However, I figured he would forgive me this once. There are tons of reasons why my father is an incredible person and below are just 20 of them, enjoy!

    1. He is a cheerful giver- His generousity transcends the barriers of blood and friendship.

    2. He is a fun of telenovelas! This means that we have telenovela date nights almost every evening.

    3. He genuinely cares about my friends and asks me about their welfare from time to time.

    4. He is extremely down-to-earth. My siblings and I can chit-chat with him so freely and that is pretty awesome.

    5. He has this remarkable way of staying calm in the face of tough situations and his calmness tends to reassure me that all is well.

    6. He does everything within his power to ensure that my siblings and I lack nothing.

    7. Way back in elementary/primary school, he taught my siblings and I they value of financial managment. Imagine an 8 year old child drawing a daily budget showing how their allowance is spent!

    8. Back in the day, he would ground my siblings and I instead of giving us a hefty spanking. This was a great policy because we would have been in big trouble if  both parents were pro-spanking.

    9. He lets me drive his car every once in a while. If you know my dad, you would understand how big of a deal that is because he is very touchy about his car.

    10. He sees the good in people and he is slow to judge.

    11. When I was 12, he taught me the importance of not borrowing and staying debt-free. I am glad to say that the lesson has stuck with me till date.

    12. Sometimes when I think my dreams are too big, he tells me to dream bigger.

    13. He is so polite and humble that he uses “please” and “thank you” when we are chatting.

    14. He always says, “pray before you sleep” before my bedtime.

    15. He is a true protector.  There was this time he run out in the middle of the night to chase some petty burglars out of the house.

    16. He taught me the art of making a huge pot of stew with only a teaspoon of oil!

    17. He also taught me how to make condensed milk candy. Thanks to him I am a pro at that.

    18. He made us(my siblings and I) learn how to play musical instruments and although we have forgotten most of our lessons, it was a great way to keep us out of mischief back in the day.

    19. He used to watch cartoons with us(my siblings and I) and it was fun to see him get excited over characters like Fred Flintstone and Tom & Jerry.

    20. He inspires me to not settle. He once told me that, being picky is a good thing because it makes you seek the best. Ps: he is the reason why I am picky.

    There you have it! I am sure you fathers (biological or not) are awesome too so why don’t you let them know how special they are?