So this edition is based on someone’s current predicament. I figured we might be able to help the person to make a decision about the way forward. On that note, the inbox is open to recieve mails about various dilemas. If you need any help or want to hear people’s perspective on a particular issue just send an e-mail to . Your anonymity is highly assured.

Hypothetically speaking, let’s say you had a major crush on someone. It evolved from being a simple crush to you actually liking this person to a large extent. You did not have the nerve to discuss your feelings with this person because you were scared of rejection. 

Along the line you start a relationship with someone else yet, you still have some feelings for your old crush. In the middle of your new relationship, you discover that the person you used to have a crush on liked you all along. He was and still is into you. 

So the question is, would you still continue with your current relationship or would break up with your current partner and start a relationship with your crush?

Let’s start typing and help someone out!