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Verification Before Circulation!

I know this post will hit a lot of nerves but I feel it is something I must do as a concerned citizen. Thanks to social media, we encounter all sorts of news and broadcast messages. Some of which are... Continue Reading →


Men Are Human Too

As most people already know, I am a strong advocate against physical abuse specifically, abuse meted out to women by men. I have written stories highlighting this fact and spoken openly about my disgust for this inhumane act. In the... Continue Reading →


  Disclaimer: Beckhar does not claim to be a relationship expert, she just draws inspiration from observation. Her idea is to share her 2 cents not to change the way you think or shake the foundation of your already existing... Continue Reading →


I am not going to even bore you by discussing the stress of pregnancy, the excruciating pangs of childbirth and the nerve wrecking menstrual cramps, because everyone already knows that. They are the primary frustrations of being a girl. Infact,... Continue Reading →

After my last rant Really?! ,  some friends were too scared to send me texts using shorthand. They feared they could incur my wrath. No kidding! Someone actually asked if it was ok to send 'U' instead of 'YOU' while... Continue Reading →

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