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No.654 Brown Street (Finale)

Everything that has a beginning has an end and so like all stories, this one  I am afraid has outlived its lifeline. In all honesty, I don't know what inspired this story because I have not had any compound house... Continue Reading →


No. 654 Brown Street (Episode 14)

As you can see, I made a few changes on the site. Hope you like it!  The story ends next week so watch this space for the grand finale.  Enjoy today's episode! Sam hadn’t seen her since that fateful afternoon,... Continue Reading →

No.654 Brown Street (Episode 13)

I know some of you are still reeling from the shock and disappointment of lastnight's game. What can I say? The boys broke our hearts yet AGAIN. If you ask me, I think the government should stop compensating them altogether... Continue Reading →

No.654 Brown Street (Episode 12)

Publishing today's episode was annoying and stressful! Due to some reason I don't know, everything I typed was duplicated multiple times.  I had to delete, cut, paste and rewrite stuff over and over again! I almost postponed it but seeing... Continue Reading →

RECAP: Last week on No.654 Brown Street, we saw Aunt Patrica trying to offer some sound advice to Veronica who was still heartbroken about her boyfriend's betrayal. You would recall that after 3 years of dating, she discovered that she... Continue Reading →

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