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Sit Back Sunday is here again! Feels like a lifetime ago since I last published a post and I am glad to announce that the writing recession period has ended so HURRAY!  The two terms are sometimes used synonymously because... Continue Reading →


About Babies

I am going to pretend I have not been on an unwarranted break by jumping right in and picking up from where we left off. (Can be also read as "I am sorry for neglecting you, my awesome readers")  ... Continue Reading →

Is Change Possible?

So this week people were shocked to discover that wives are fully capable of cheating and maybe even better than husbands. Since the week has been filled with the trending story of the cheating wives, I decided to bring up... Continue Reading →

Spare the Rod?

Sit Back Sunday has resumed after an unscheduled break in transmission. It sure feels good to be back with thought provoking questions! Let's dig in shall we? There are different parenting styles to chose from in order to raise a... Continue Reading →

Too Much Baggage?

It's been a long minute since we had a discussion! To make up for it, we will have Sit Back Sunday editions on a weekly basis for the month of December. Let's dive in shall we? Today's question is a... Continue Reading →

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