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Too Much Baggage?

It's been a long minute since we had a discussion! To make up for it, we will have Sit Back Sunday editions on a weekly basis for the month of December. Let's dive in shall we? Today's question is a... Continue Reading →


A Divided Heart?

You know what time it is right? Yes! It is about time for our Sit Back Sunday discussion. Today we are going to focus on a theme that everyone seems to have an opinion on- LOVE.   I have watched... Continue Reading →

To Have or Not To Have?

Hello hello!!! Welcome to Sit Back Sunday!!! Today's topic for discussion is a tough one and I look forward to hearing your views concerning the issue. If you could choose between 2 options:  1) Having a child only to lose... Continue Reading →

Hands Of Time

Hello hello dearest readers! You thought Sit Back Sunday would be a no show huh? well, you thought wrong. I trust your Sunday has been smooth and relaxing. What do you say we end the day with a little pondering?... Continue Reading →

Love or No Love?

Sit Back Sunday is here again! Today we are going to talk about a theme that most, if not everyone tends to be interested in- LOVE! So if you could chose between two things: 1. Falling in love with that... Continue Reading →

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