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Spare the Rod?

Sit Back Sunday has resumed after an unscheduled break in transmission. It sure feels good to be back with thought provoking questions! Let's dig in shall we? There are different parenting styles to chose from in order to raise a... Continue Reading →


Too Much Baggage?

It's been a long minute since we had a discussion! To make up for it, we will have Sit Back Sunday editions on a weekly basis for the month of December. Let's dive in shall we? Today's question is a... Continue Reading →

A Divided Heart?

You know what time it is right? Yes! It is about time for our Sit Back Sunday discussion. Today we are going to focus on a theme that everyone seems to have an opinion on- LOVE.   I have watched... Continue Reading →

To Have or Not To Have?

Hello hello!!! Welcome to Sit Back Sunday!!! Today's topic for discussion is a tough one and I look forward to hearing your views concerning the issue. If you could choose between 2 options:  1) Having a child only to lose... Continue Reading →

Hands Of Time

Hello hello dearest readers! You thought Sit Back Sunday would be a no show huh? well, you thought wrong. I trust your Sunday has been smooth and relaxing. What do you say we end the day with a little pondering?... Continue Reading →

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