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Loyalty or Betrayal?

So I have been super busy over the past couple of months hence my erratic blog posts. Hopefully I will be publishing more frequently in the coming weeks to make up for my absence. Today's Sit Back Sunday post proves... Continue Reading →

To Stay or Leave?

So this edition is based on someone's current predicament. I figured we might be able to help the person to make a decision about the way forward. On that note, the inbox is open to recieve mails about various dilemas.... Continue Reading →

The Height Factor

We all have certain physical qualities we look out for in a significant other. Despite the abstract qualities such as caring, kind, etc. we like to be with someone we find physically attractive as well.  Today, we want to know... Continue Reading →

Mercy Killing

Hello people! It's Sit Back Sunday time! I missed the last edition and I apologise for that. Today we are taking a medical turn as we discuss mercy killing or what is technically refered to as euthanasia. This term describes... Continue Reading →

About Virgins

Sit Back Sunday has been on an unofficial break and I apologize for the inconvenience. Fortunately, we are back now and we will continue to bring you juicy topics for discussion. Some people say 'no' when asked this question while... Continue Reading →

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