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20 Reasons Why My Father is Amazing

You should have seen this coming. I did it for mum so ofcourse I had to do it for dad too. Now you should know that my dad will probably not like the fact that I posted his picture online... Continue Reading →


20 Reasons Why My Mother Is Amazing

Let me start by saying that my mother is amazing! She is probably the fiercest woman I know and I can't tell you how much she means to me. You see, growing up we were not best friends. We argued... Continue Reading →

Book Review: African Memories

This book sums up the author's experience of visiting 14 African countries. As someone who enjoys reading stories and writing them, I enjoyed the style of the book. It felt as though I was reading an adventure novel because it... Continue Reading →

Father’s Day Special

To the fathers that are actually there for us, we say thank you! To the fathers that pay those bills , provide our needs and make it look as easy as changing the light bulb, we say thank you. To... Continue Reading →

Mother’s Day Special

Sit Back Sunday is on a break today but don't worry, I will make up for it next week! Today's post is a Mother's Day special edition so relax and enjoy! On Wednesday, mum left home to drop off something... Continue Reading →

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