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Dear Muslims

Dear Muslims, On behalf of people all over the world who do not believe that Islam is parallel to terrorism, I would like to offer an apology. 9/11 triggered a major anti-Islam backlash which has only been invigorated over the... Continue Reading →


Dear Time, You existed before our generation and will continue to exist after we are long gone so we know you are sort of immortal and way older than us, but sometimes even adults need to hear what the children... Continue Reading →


Dear Sun, Why oh why are you doing this to us? Did we do something to upset you, because if that's the case, we are more than willing to apologize. We know you always shine bright but this year, it's... Continue Reading →

Dear Society,   We know some of you do it out of genuine concern, while others simply do it to rub our single status in our faces. In any case, we feel the need to let you know that we... Continue Reading →


Dear Cupid,   By far, you are one of the most controversial , thought provoking and emotionally draining characters we have ever met! you are sweet 10% of the time and well, the other 90% you are unbelievably vexatious. We... Continue Reading →

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