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Spare the Rod?

Sit Back Sunday has resumed after an unscheduled break in transmission. It sure feels good to be back with thought provoking questions! Let's dig in shall we? There are different parenting styles to chose from in order to raise a... Continue Reading →


About New Year Resolutions

2 posts in 2 days! I think this is a first and who knows, it might not be the last. I probably should have published this post on New Year's Eve but my thoughts failed to motivate the writer in... Continue Reading →

Drift Away Effect

No one can usually predict the exact moment it happens or why it does. It is just one of those things that occur without forewarning... Frequency of phone calls reduce to a trickle till they eventually stop completely. The preferred... Continue Reading →

It's the festive season yet again and airports are filled with people traveling all over the world to spend time with loved ones. You see, seasons change but there are some things that remain untouched by time. An example are... Continue Reading →


Technology has taken over the world and not always in a good way. Smartphones have made people more distant and relationships less intimate. We find it easier to fidget with our phones, wandering from one social media site to the... Continue Reading →

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