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Lost Love

  I had always been too voluptuous for my age. At 16, people thought I was in my 20's, therefore it wasn't uncommon to find older men looking my way and making advances at me. When I made the decision... Continue Reading →


To Stay or Leave?

So this edition is based on someone's current predicament. I figured we might be able to help the person to make a decision about the way forward. On that note, the inbox is open to recieve mails about various dilemas.... Continue Reading →

The Height Factor

We all have certain physical qualities we look out for in a significant other. Despite the abstract qualities such as caring, kind, etc. we like to be with someone we find physically attractive as well.  Today, we want to know... Continue Reading →

20 Reasons Why My Father is Amazing

You should have seen this coming. I did it for mum so ofcourse I had to do it for dad too. Now you should know that my dad will probably not like the fact that I posted his picture online... Continue Reading →

Mercy Killing

Hello people! It's Sit Back Sunday time! I missed the last edition and I apologise for that. Today we are taking a medical turn as we discuss mercy killing or what is technically refered to as euthanasia. This term describes... Continue Reading →

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