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Mercy Killing

Hello people! It's Sit Back Sunday time! I missed the last edition and I apologise for that. Today we are taking a medical turn as we discuss mercy killing or what is technically refered to as euthanasia. This term describes... Continue Reading →

Fairy Tale Endings

I was obsessed with talking and as a result, my name would always appear on the list of noisy students. When my parents asked what they could do to enable me to curb my talkative tendencies, I suggested reading. They... Continue Reading →

About Virgins

Sit Back Sunday has been on an unofficial break and I apologize for the inconvenience. Fortunately, we are back now and we will continue to bring you juicy topics for discussion. Some people say 'no' when asked this question while... Continue Reading →

20 Reasons Why My Mother Is Amazing

Let me start by saying that my mother is amazing! She is probably the fiercest woman I know and I can't tell you how much she means to me. You see, growing up we were not best friends. We argued... Continue Reading →

Blood Line

It has been a loooooong minute since I wrote a story and I miss you all! The past couple of months have been highly stressful for me and I thank God it is all over, at least for a while.... Continue Reading →

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