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Technology has taken over the world and not always in a good way. Smartphones have made people more distant and relationships less intimate. We find it easier to fidget with our phones, wandering from one social media site to the... Continue Reading →


Too Much Baggage?

It's been a long minute since we had a discussion! To make up for it, we will have Sit Back Sunday editions on a weekly basis for the month of December. Let's dive in shall we? Today's question is a... Continue Reading →

Dear Muslims

Dear Muslims, On behalf of people all over the world who do not believe that Islam is parallel to terrorism, I would like to offer an apology. 9/11 triggered a major anti-Islam backlash which has only been invigorated over the... Continue Reading →


How many years has it been? 10 since our last story? Okay I know that is a gross exaggeration but the months have felt like years to me and I have missed writing stories for you! This is the first... Continue Reading →

A Divided Heart?

You know what time it is right? Yes! It is about time for our Sit Back Sunday discussion. Today we are going to focus on a theme that everyone seems to have an opinion on- LOVE.   I have watched... Continue Reading →

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